17-string Professional Dan Tranh

17-string Professional Dan Tranh
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Product Description

17-String Professional Vietnamese Dan Tranh

* Carrying Case with Shoulder Strap
* Hand-Made by Highly Respected Maker Thanh
* Free Finger picks
* spare set of original dan tranh strings

This beautiful dan tranh is made from well-respected Vietnamese instrument maker Thanh of Saigon. It is custom-made for Sound of Asia using finest materials. The soundboard and backboard are both made of paulownia Ngo Dong. The frame is made of the beautiful Vietnamese Kingwood Cam Lai. We do not use any cheap wood, plywood or laminated wood with dark brown lacquer. Please look at the nice grain of the cam lai. This is a professional quality instrument with rich and resonant voice. The sound is clean, resonant and long-lasting. The scale and string holes is carved with mother-of-pearl inlay. There are also elegant inlay on the bridges and the tuning knobs. The instrument itself is a piece of beautiful Vietnamese art.

The dan tranh comes with a carrying case, finger picks, spare set of original strings and extra set of German Roslau music wire strings custom-made for dan tranh.

The scale of the 17-string dan tranh ranges over 3 octaves. First string is normally tuned in C3-D3, and the last string is tuned between D6-E6. It's in the scale of sol la do re mi sol la do re mi sol la do re mi sol la.

Please view an interview of Maker Thanh on Saigon TV: