25-String Colletion Kayagum Hand Made by Go Heung Gon

25-String Colletion Kayagum Hand Made by Go Heung Gon
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Product Description

25-string Collection Gayageum by Go Heung Gon

*Soft Carrying Case

*Hand-Made by the best Korean Master maker

*Advance Gairyong(Tetron) Strings

*Paulownia Body and Backboard

*Hand carved gloden flake bridges

This 25-string kayagum is hand made by the famous maker Go Heung Gon. Master Go is considered as the best kayagum maker by many professionals, and is entitled as the "Major Culture Treasure #42" by the Korean government. His instruments sound a lot richer, clean and loud compare to other makers'.

If you wish to learn more about Master Go Heung Gong. Please visit: http://www.gohgon.com

This kayagum is pure handmade. The whole wood piece is carved out from paulownia body with detail craftmanship and elegant decoration. The bottom board is made of paulownia wood as well. The bridges are made of sandalwood with golden flake decoration. The frame is made of sandalwood and walnut wood. The strings are made of tetron nylon strings that imitate the touch and sound of silk strings, yet they are capable of strong playing.

25-String kayagum is the advance modified version of Korean kayagum. It's tuned in diatonic rather than pentatonic. Therefore, it capable of playing both Korean traditional pieces and modern pieces, as well as western songs.