49" Sound of China Laminated Rosewood Guzheng "Blossoms"

49" Sound of China Laminated Rosewood Guzheng "Blossoms"
Item# SOC13

Product Description

Sound of China

Body Construction:
49" travel size with single-piece paulownia soundboard & backboard and laminated rosewood frame

hardwoodbridges, finger picks & tape, tuning wrench, chromatic tuner, spare 1-7 strings, soft carrying case, and English/Chinese manual

Sound Characteristics:
Sweet and resonant

49" Travel

We are proud to introduce the new Sound of China travel size guzheng. This beautiful guzheng is custom-designed by Sound of China Guzheng Music. All the making materials including soundboards, frames, strings and bridges are carefully selected by Sound of China professionals. The top and the bottom sound boards are both made by a single piece of paulownia that were dried using special Shanghai method that provides the classical sweet tone of the guzheng. The frame is made by laminated rosewood decorated withfloralpatterns. We put in extra efforts to bring this travel-size comparable to the sound quality of a standard size guzheng.

First, we add the thickness of the soundboard, and redesign the sound chamber to enhance the sound quality and volume. Second, the bridges are designed to fit the travel-size body. Third, the strings are professional quality strings using German music wire. Together, they will keep the guzheng in-tune, and do not go out of tune easily.

The string spacing is exactly like the standard size. Most travel-size guzheng have smaller string spacing that makes people always pluck the wrong string when switching between the two sizes.

And, yes, we want to make it affordable so everyone can enjoy this beautiful instrument. It's excellent quality and craftmanship in a budget price.

It comes with a free set of finger picks and adhesive tape, hardwood bridge set, tuning wrench, soft bag and spare 1-7 strings. We provide set-up instruction that's easy to follow. Help on set-up and playing is also offered over the phone or internet free of charge.



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