Concert 12-string Kayagum with Modern Tuning Device

Concert 12-string Kayagum with Modern Tuning Device
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Product Description

12-String Traditional Korean Kayagum Concert Model with Modern Tuning Device

*Soft Carrying Case with Shoulder Strap

*Hand-Made by Korean Master

*Tetron strings that don't break easily

*Paulownia Body

*Hand carved bridges

*Standard Full size 56 inches

This beautiful kayagum is brand new newly imported directly from South Korea. It is a concert quality instrument with rich and resonant voice. It's a sanjo kayagum with modern tuning device for easy tuning and replace the strings. The whole wood piece is carved out from paulownia body with detail craftmanship and elegant decoration. The strings are made of tetron that won't break easily. It is normally tuned in the sanjo tuning at Eb Ab Bb Eb F Ab Bb C Eb F Ab Bb.