Concert Aged Chinese Fir Guqin -Zi Qi Style

Concert Aged Chinese Fir Guqin -Zi Qi Style
Item# GQ04D

Product Description

7-stringed Concert Aged Chinese Fir Guqin

*Full Size 48 in. Concert Quality
*Hand-Made by Master Han Tiansheng
*Zi Qi Style
*Aged Chinese Fir Body
*Protective Soft Carrying Bag & Hard Case

This beautiful instrument is brand new hand made by reputed Yangzhou maker Han Tiansheng with his signature at the back. It's a concert grade instrument in Zi Qi style. This qin is made with aged Chinese fir wood layers of traditional lacquer using deer horn powder. Each layer of lacquer is naturally air-dried.

The instrument is tuned in F key pentatonic scale. Tuning in order from the 1st string to 7th string is C D F G A C D. This is a great quality instrument.

The guqin comes with a soft bag and a hard case. Each guqin is lacquered with traditional method, so the color and patterns won't be exactly the same. The one you received might be slightly different in color and patterns from the pictures.