Dunhuang Yun Indian Rosewood (Zitan) 898O Guzheng

Dunhuang Yun Indian Rosewood (Zitan) 898O Guzheng
Item# 898O

Product Description

Dunhuang Yun

Body Construction:
single-piece oven-dried paulownia soundboard & backboard. Indian Rosewood frame

Indian rosewood bridges, finger picks & tape, tuning wrench, 2-piece matching stands, chromatic tuner, spare 1-7 strings, soft carrying case, and English/Chinese manual

Sound Characteristics:
Clean,Dynamic, Balanced, Rich, and Resonant


This beautiful instrument is made with collection grade paulownia soundboards. The top and the bottom of the sound boards are both made by paulownia that were dried using special Shanghai method that provides the famous classical sweet tone of the guzheng. The frame is made by Indian rosewood (zitan) in plain design with no lacquer to show the beauty of the wood grains.

This model is hand selected by our professional Yukina at the factory. All the bridges and strings are fine-tuned and adjusted to ensure the best sound quality.

This guzheng comes with the whole package that leads you to enjoy playing. We provide set-up instruction that's easy to follow. Help on set-up and playing is also offered over the phone or internet free of charge.

敦煌古筝紫檀素面"天然神韵 898O 徐振高签名监制


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