Dunhuang Yun Madagascar Rosewood Guzheng 8898O "Zitan Natural"

Dunhuang Yun Madagascar Rosewood Guzheng 8898O "Zitan Natural"
Item# 8898O

Product Description

Dunhuang Yun

Body Construction:
single-piece oven-dried paulownia soundboard & backboard and Madagascar Rosewood frame

Madagascar rosewood bridges, finger picks & tape, tuning wrench, 2-piece matching stands, chromatic tuner, spare 1-7 strings, soft carrying case, and English/Chinese manual

Sound Characteristics:
Crystal Clear, Rich, Dynamic, Balanced, Full and Resonant


This guzheng uses finest soundboard and the best frame to construct. The result is a
dream like sounding. It is an Elite model from the Dunhuang factory. It's brought back
directly from Music China Show. The biggest musical instrument show of the year where factories present their best instruments. This one is the best one in the Dunhuang booth. The sound is sweet, rich, crystal clear and resonant. This year, Dunhuang uses new technology on the soundboard to bring back the traditional warm tone of the guzheng. It has a warm and sweet tone with strong dynamics.

The frame wood is Madagascar Rosewood, one of the best tone wood for guzheng.
Madagascar Rosewood gives a delicate, clean and powerful sound to the instrument.
The frame wood is made without inlay design or even lacquer. It retains the nature look of the beautiful wood.

敦煌韵牌顶级紫檀素面古筝天然神韵 8898O 徐振高签名监制 上海乐器展展品



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