"Great Ocean" Weishan Liu Guzheng Music

"Great Ocean" Weishan Liu Guzheng Music
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"Great Ocean" - Weishan Liu Guzheng Music

The Great Ocean, vast as the cosmos, finds a boat of life sailing aimlessly, seeking the glorious shore.

The plum, if not blossoming in the deep winter, cannot reveal its toughness. The horse, if not galloping on the grassland, will lose its vitality. The mountain will always witness the perennial changes of the landscape. The stream will constantly wash away the memories of man. A teardrop can come from affectionate love; yet also from turmoil in the heart.

I've been blessed, to always have music to purify and stimulate my mind, inspiring me to use this pure mind to create melodies that would uplift myself. These melodies are confluence of what its natural and imagined; transcending reality.

My heart, like that lone boat in the Great Ocean, having experienced the sunshine, tranquility, joy, storms, waves, lightening, rain, and thunder, still stays its course, does not retreat, and continues its spiritual quest, relentlessly.

I hope that the melodies you hear here can bring you the spirit of the Great Ocean.

- Dedicated to all my friends who are also constantly seeking to uplift their selves.

Weishan Liu

1. 海 Great Ocean

2. 梅 Plum Blossom

3. 江 Moonlight Over Spring River

4. 山 High Moutain Flowing Stream

5. 淚 Lover's Tears

6. 尋 Quest

7. 馬 Galloping on the Graddland