Konghou Yin - Ren Jie and her Guzheng

Konghou Yin - Ren Jie and her Guzheng
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Konghou Yin - Ren Jie and her Guzheng

箜篌引 - 任潔的古箏暢想

Ren Jie, the first person to win both a Culture Award and a Golden Bell Award, performs her exciting new interpretations of famous classic guzheng pieces. Produced by Wang Sendi, leading producer and promoter of Chinese music on the world stage, whose String Glamour was the first Chinese instrumental album to win the US-based AFIM traditional world music award. Recorded in the Nanjing Concert Hall by top international engineer Kavichandran Alexander. Together they have produced a feast of guzheng music.

1. 箜篌引 Konghou Yin

2. 月兒高 The Moon is High

3. 臨安遺恨 Eternal Sorrow of Lin'an

4. 伊犁河畔 On the Bank of Yili River

5. 思想起 I Remember

6. 溟山 Min Mountain