Oolong Tea: Chinese Instrumental Tea Music

Oolong Tea: Chinese Instrumental Tea Music
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Oolong Tea - Chinese Instrumental Tea Music

鐵觀音 - 閒情聽茶

趙家珍 / 許菱子 / 張方鳴 / 張強 / 戴亞

Guzheng - Xu Lingzi

Guqin - Zhao Jiazhen

Erhu/Gaohu - Zhang Fangmin

Pipa - Zhang Qiang

Dizi/Xiao - Dai Ya

- Of all kinds of tea, Oolong can be considered the most fascinating. It is famous worldwide and especially well-known as "green leaves with red hems", because the verges of the green leaves turn slightly red after infusion. Oolong possesses the mild smell and flower fragrance of green tea, as well as the mellow and rich flavor of black tea. The background of this music collection is based on the characteristics of eight kinds of Oolong, which are well-known around the world. Through the composers' fine musical directions, the guzheng, gaohu, paixiao, erhu, and other musical instruments all exhibit their unique characteristics.

1. 鐵觀音 Tie-guan-yin

2. 鳳凰單叢 Feng-huang-dan-cong

3. 水金龜 Shui-jin-gui

4. 白毫烏龍 Bai-hao-Oolong

5. 永春佛手 Yong-chun-fo-shou

6. 大紅袍 Da-Hong-Pao

7. 鐵羅漢 Tie-luo-han

8. 白雞冠 Bai-ji-guan