How to Select Guzheng Picks

Question 1: How do I choose the right size?

Answer: The size of the guzheng picks should match the length of the first joint of your finger. Measure from the joint end to the fingertip of either your index or middle finger. That measurement is the size you need.

Question 2: What thickness do I need?

Answer: The cost of the picks is based on the materials used. Generally, thicker picks are more expensive but require stronger finger power. If you are a beginner, it's better to start with thinner picks. For more advanced players, it depends on your tone preference. Thicker picks produce a warmer and rounder tone, while thinner picks produce a sharper and brighter tone.

Question 3: What are grooves?

Answer: Picks with grooves are carved underneath to curve like the shape of a finger, providing a more comfortable fit. Some people prefer grooved picks, while others do not. Grooves do not affect the sound.


问题 1: 如何选择合适的尺寸?

回答: 古筝指甲的尺寸应等于你手指第一个关节的长度。测量你的食指或中指第一个关节,从关节端到指尖的长度,这就是你需要的尺寸。

问题 2: 我需要什么厚度的指甲?

回答: 指甲的价格取决于所用材料。通常,较厚的指甲更贵,但需要更强的指力。如果你是初学者,最好从较薄的指甲开始。对于高级别的弹奏者,取决于你的音色偏好。较厚的指甲产生温暖和圆润的音色,而较薄的指甲产生更尖锐和明亮的音色。

问题 3: 什么是凹槽?

回答: 带凹槽的指甲在底部雕刻出弯曲的形状,像手指形状一样,提供更舒适的佩戴。一些人喜欢带凹槽的指甲,而有些人则不喜欢。凹槽不影响音色。