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6 Ft. 13-String Collection Grade Koto - Beta Version

6 Ft. 13-String Collection Grade Koto - Beta Version

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Mishimaya Collection Grade Koto (Kouki Kurikou)

Experience the ultimate in musical craftsmanship with the Mishimaya Collection Grade Koto (Kouki Kurikou), the top-of-the-line model from the esteemed Japanese instrument maker Mishimaya. This collection-grade koto is designed for serious musicians and collectors who seek the highest level of quality and artistry.


  • Hand Carved Paulownia Body with Seamless Bottom Board Connection
  • Elegant Indian Rosewood Decorations on the Front and Tail
  • Superb Wood Grains on the Soundboard
  • Hand Carved Ayasugi (Herringbone) Style Sound Grooves Underneath the Soundboard
  • Pre-Strung Strings, Ready for Setup

The entire body of this exceptional koto is carved from a single piece of paulownia wood, featuring a seamless connection to the bottom board, ensuring structural integrity and optimal resonance. The front and tail are intricately decorated with Indian rosewood, adding a touch of elegance to the instrument's aesthetic.

The soundboard showcases superb wood grains, enhancing the visual appeal and indicating the high quality of the wood used. Underneath the soundboard, hand-carved ayasugi (herringbone) style sound grooves are meticulously crafted to enhance the tonal quality, providing a rich and resonant sound that is perfect for both performance and collection.

The strings are pre-strung and ready for setup, allowing you to start playing immediately. This model is Mishimaya's Yamada No. 7 Beta version, which maintains the same high-quality construction as the No. 7 but without the front decoration.

Elevate your musical journey with the Mishimaya Collection Grade Koto (Kouki Kurikou), and enjoy the unparalleled sound quality and exquisite design that only a Mishimaya instrument can offer. This koto is not just an instrument; it is a masterpiece of musical artistry.

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