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Blackwood Bass Bridge Set

Blackwood Bass Bridge Set

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Blackwood Bass Bridge Set

Enhance your guzheng's bass performance with the Blackwood Bass Bridge Set, specifically designed to improve bass string vibration for a punchier and more powerful sound.

Key Features:

  • Improved Bass Vibration: These bridges are crafted to enhance the vibration of the bass strings, providing a more powerful and punchy bass sound.
  • Set of 7 Bridges: Each set includes 7 bridges, suitable for strings #14 to #21, ensuring comprehensive coverage for the lower range of your guzheng.
  • High-Quality Material: Made from premium blackwood, known for its durability and excellent acoustic properties.


  • Material: Blackwood
  • Set Includes: 7 bridges for strings #14 to #21

The Blackwood Bass Bridge Set is the perfect choice for guzheng players looking to enhance their instrument's bass response, providing a more powerful and resonant sound in the lower range.



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