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Professional Buk Korean Barrel Drum 16.5" 1.4 ja

Professional Buk Korean Barrel Drum 16.5" 1.4 ja

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The professional buk is a traditional Korean drum. While the term buk is a native Korean word used as a generic term meaning "drum" (the Sino-Korean word being go), it is most often used to refer to a shallow barrel-shaped drum, with a round wooden body that is covered on both ends with animal skin. Buk are categorized as hyeokbu (혁부, 革部) which are instruments made with leather, and has been used for jeongak (Korean court music) and folk music.

This buk is in the 1.4 ja 16.5" in drum skin diameter. This model is a professional model with Hanullim's highest quality cowhide skin and Tung tree barrel. It is made by Hanullim Musical Instrument company, a highly reputable drum maker in South Korea.

This professional buk comes with a high quality drum stick, and a high quality carrying bag.

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