Tang Dynasty 5-String Pipa (Biwa) Replica of Shoshoin Treasure

Tang Dynasty 5-String Pipa (Biwa) Replica of Shoshoin Treasure
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Collection Tang Pipa Chinese Lute made by Master Thanh

This is a 5-string pipa replica of the pipa from Tang dynasty now is currently a collection at Shoshoin Treasure House of Japan. The original 5-string pipa was given by the Chinese emperor to the Japanese emperor as a gift around 700A.D. It is preciously kept in the Shoshoin Treasure House and has become one of the most important musical instrument heritage. The 5-string pipa is made of purple sandalwood, and the whole body of the pipa is carefully inlaid with detail mother-of-pearl. It is called biwa in Japan, and the 5-string style is stilled used in Japan til current days. Inspired by this treasure of the Shoshoin, Master Thanh made this beautiful replica.

Soundboard: paulownia Body/pegs/frets: cam lai design: mother-of-pearl inlay