Tea Travel- Chinese Instrumental Tea Music

Tea Travel- Chinese Instrumental Tea Music
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Tea Travel- Chinese Instrumental Tea Music

香飄水雲間 - 閒情聽茶

趙家珍 / 許菱子 / 張方鳴 / 張強 / 戴亞

Guzheng - Xu Lingzi

Guqin - Zhao Jiazhen

Erhu/Gaohu - Zhang Fangmin

Pipa/Ruan - Zhang Qiang

Dizi/Xiao - Dai Ya

- As a blending art, tea is evolved into an abundant image by mixing fragrance of the earth, magnificence of mountains and rivers, moisture of rain and dew, and cultural temper.

In this edition, the composers depict exquisitely tastes of tea and scenes of tea plantations in different areas by applying various features of musical instruments, such as flute, panhu, guzheng, lute, sheng, alto Juan and alto Sona, and combining local musical qualities with sounds of nature.

1. 香飄水雲間 Cloud-fog Tea in Lt. Lu

2. 香氳滿袈裟 The Buddha's Tea in Mt. Puto

3. 誰人知此味 San-p'ao Tai Tea in Kansu

4. 茗外風清移月影 Mao-chien Tea in Hsinyang

5. 一碗和香吸碧霞 Wrapped Tea in Taiwan

6. 風前何處香來近 Uigur Green Tea in Sinkiang

7. 壼邊夜靜聽松檮 Mao-feng Tea in Hwang Shan

8. 雲間幽徑香 Omei Flower Tea in Mt. Omei