Tea with Flower Fragrance: Chinese Instrumental Tea Music

Tea with Flower Fragrance: Chinese Instrumental Tea Music
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Tea with Flower Fragrance - Chinese Instrumental Tea Music

桂花龍井 - 花薰茶十友

趙家珍 / 許菱子 / 張方鳴 / 張強 / 戴亞

Guzheng - Xu Lingzi

Guqin - Zhao Jiazhen

Erhu/Gaohu - Zhang Fangmin

Pipa/Ruan - Zhang Qiang

Dizi/Xiao - Dai Ya

- Flower Tea incorporates tea with flowers: tea invites the fragrance of flower, and flowers augment the flavor of tea. Both virtues compliment each other. In this edition, the musician composes for different features of tea and associate the music with sounds of nature, such as the flowing of streams, chirps of insects and birds, and the beating of waves. Listening to the music, the listener may enjoy himself in the world blending flowers with tea.

1. 珠蘭大方 Pearl-orchid Ta-fang Tea

2. 梅花祁紅 Plum-blossom Ch'imen Red Tea

3. 蓮花珍眉 Lotus Chen-mei Tea

4. 玳玳毛尖 Taitai Mao-chien Tea

5. 玫瑰翠片 Rose Green Tea

6. 桂花龍井 Osmanthus Lungching Tea

7. 茉莉銀毫 Jasmine Yin-hao Tea

8. 玉蘭雲霧 Magnolia Cloud-fog Tea

9. 梔子普陀 Gardenia Puto Tea

10. 菊花普洱 Chrysanthemum Puerh Tea