Collection: Geomungo 거문고

The geomungo (also spelled komungo or kŏmun'go) or hyeongeum (literally "black zither", also spelled hyongum or hyŏn'gŭm) is a traditional Korean stringed musical instrument of zither family instrument with both bridges and frets. Scholars believe that the name refers to Goguryeo and translates to "Goguryeo zither" or that it refers to the colour and translates to "black crane zither".

Our geomungos are crafted by skilled artisans, ensuring exceptional quality. The geomungo is a traditional Korean string instrument, known for its deep, resonant sound and intricate craftsmanship. Each geomungo is made from high-quality materials, combining ancient techniques with modern innovations to achieve excellence in sound, feel, and appearance. Ideal for both solo performances and ensemble settings, the geomungo embodies unique artistic expression and rich cultural heritage. We are dedicated to providing each customer with a superior geomungo, allowing you to experience the profound beauty and history of this remarkable instrument.