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Professional Geomungo

Professional Geomungo

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Discover the timeless elegance of the geomungo – a masterpiece of Korean musical tradition awaits you!

The geomungo is a traditional Korean plucked zither boasting both bridges and frets. It's believed to have originated in Goguryeo before the 5th century, with its name possibly referring to the kingdom itself or to its color, translating to "Goguryeo zither" or "black crane zither" respectively.

In Korean culture, the geomungo holds a significant place as a scholars' instrument, akin to the guqin in ancient China. Unlike the Chinese, however, Koreans didn't adopt the guqin as a folk instrument but rather inherited its Confucian and literati lore, applying it to their own tradition surrounding the geomungo.

The geomungo is typically played in a seated position on the floor. Players use a short bamboo stick plectrum known as "suldae" (술대/匙), gripped between the index and middle fingers of the right hand. The left hand manipulates the strings (usually 2 and 3) by pulling or pushing to generate various pitches, employing the thumb and first four fingers.

To aid in pressing down firmly on the frets, the left-hand ring finger often wears a leather thimble called "golmu" for support, as the strings are elevated above the frets. Additionally, players may strike the daemo leather protector with the stick during plucks to create percussive effects.

Dive into the world of the enchanting geomungo, and start your journey into the heart of Korean culture today!

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