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25-String Concert Kayagum

25-String Concert Kayagum

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*Soft Carrying Case

*Hand-Made by Korean Master

*Advance Gairyong(Tetron) Strings

*Paulownia Body and Backboard


Introducing our 25-string Concert Quality Kayagum, an advanced and modified version of the traditional Korean instrument. Unlike the standard pentatonic tuning, this kayagum is tuned diatonically, allowing it to play a wide range of music, from traditional Korean pieces to modern and even Western songs.

Handcrafted with precision, this kayagum features a body carved entirely from paulownia wood, adorned with intricate decoration. The bottom board is also crafted from paulownia wood for consistency. The bridges, made of sandalwood, add to the instrument's aesthetic appeal, while the frame is a blend of sandalwood and walnut wood.

Equipped with tetron nylon strings, this kayagum offers the touch and sound of traditional silk strings while providing durability for robust playing. Experience the versatility and quality craftsmanship of this unique instrument, designed to elevate your musical repertoire to new heights.

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