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53" Travel-size Scarlet Bird Zhuque #613 Guzheng

53" Travel-size Scarlet Bird Zhuque #613 Guzheng

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Brand: Scarlet Bird (Zhuque) 朱雀

Body Construction: 6-year air-dried carved out paulownia body with rosewood frame.

Accessories: Blackwood bridges, finger picks & tape, tuning wrench, 2-piece matching stands, chromatic tuner, spare 1-7 strings, soft carrying case, and English/Chinese manual.

Sound Characteristics: Sweet, full, and robust.

Grade: 53" Travel-size Concert

The Scarlet Bird brand from the Xi'an Conservatory of Music is highly respected for its traditional guzheng-making methods.

This beautiful instrument is made with paulownia wood that has been naturally air-dried for a minimum of six years and framed with rosewood for added sweetness. It is the concert-grade travel-size guzheng from the Scarlet Bird factory, with a length of only 53 inches, offering unrivaled bass compared to other travel-size models.

The body structure of this guzheng is unique, featuring an artificially hollowed-out paulownia body board from Henan Province. This enhances sound quality and requires almost an entire tree to make just one guzheng. The thick Tong tree is used with engraved sound grooves on the back for unobstructed sound waves. The naturally formatted board ensures regular vibration and a clear, bright, magnetic sound. The board's thickness varies to optimize high, middle, and low ranges, providing a harmonious, three-dimensional sound with effective lingering and increased volume.

The sound of this instrument is warm and rich, with robust bass, and is considered by many to be a "grand guzheng".

Size of the Sound box: 20636 cm^3
Sound Wave Level: D^3 string - 86db, D string - 106db

This model comes with a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer. It includes 2-piece stands, a Musedo Guzheng Chromatic tuner, finger picks, and 1-7 spare strings. This complete package provides everything you need to enjoy playing. We provide easy-to-follow setup instructions. Help with setup and playing is always offered over the phone or the internet free of charge.

This model is hand-selected by our professional, Yukina, at the factory. All the bridges and strings are fine-tuned and adjusted to ensure the best sound quality.




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