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Basic Dunhuang Pipa

Basic Dunhuang Pipa

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Dunhuang Pipa - Chinese Lute Model# 597

Experience the rich heritage of Chinese music with the Dunhuang Pipa Model# 597, crafted by the esteemed Dunhuang Musical Instrument company. This basic grade pipa is designed to offer quality sound and playability, making it an excellent choice for both beginners and intermediate players.

  • Soundboard: Basic Grade Paulownia
  • Body: Hard Wood
  • Pegs: Yellow Sandalwood
  • Fingerboard: Hardwood
  • Head Design: Ru Yi

This pipa comes with a set of finger picks and a spare string, providing everything you need to start playing and maintaining your instrument right out of the box. Trust in Dunhuang's reputation for producing high-quality traditional Chinese instruments.

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