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Collection 12-string Concert Gayagum

Collection 12-string Concert Gayagum

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12-String Traditional Korean Kayageum

* Concert Collection Grade

* Soft Carrying Case with Shoulder Strap

* Hand-Made by South Korean Master

* Traditional Silk String

* Paulownia (Korean O dong오동나무) Body

* 30 yr. old Japanese Chestnut Back Wood

* Hand carved bridges with Golden Flake Inlay


Introducing our exquisite kayagum, an elite model crafted by a renowned South Korean maker. This concert collection instrument boasts a full, robust voice, with clear and resonant high tones and deep, powerful bass. Its meticulously carved body, adorned with golden flakes, is a masterpiece of artistry in itself.

Crafted following strict traditional methods for making sanjo kayagum, the instrument's entire body is carved from Korean paulownia wood, showcasing detailed craftsmanship and elegant decoration. Additionally, the backboard piece is crafted from 30-year-old Japanese chestnut wood, adding to its exceptional quality.

Featuring traditional silk strings expertly strung and ready for setup, this kayagum is typically tuned to the revered sanjo tuning of Eb Ab Bb Eb F Ab Bb C Eb F Ab Bb. 

As a testament to its craftsmanship and quality, this instrument comes with a 1-year warranty from the maker, ensuring peace of mind for its fortunate owner.

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