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Concert Grade Shanghai Dunhuang Liuqin

Concert Grade Shanghai Dunhuang Liuqin

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Liuqin - Shanghai Dunhuang Chinese Lute Model #653

This concert-grade Liuqin, crafted by the renowned Shanghai Dunhuang Musical Instrument company, is designed for professional performances and discerning musicians. Model #653 showcases exceptional craftsmanship and premium materials, ensuring superior sound quality and aesthetic appeal.


  • Soundboard: Made from high-quality paulownia wood, known for its excellent resonance and lightweight properties.
  • Body: Constructed from standard rosewood, providing durability and a rich, warm tone.
  • Pegs: Crafted from Burmese rosewood, offering stability and precision tuning.
  • Frets: Made of bamboo, which contributes to the instrument's authentic sound and traditional feel.
  • Decoration: Adorned with ox bone details, adding a touch of elegance to the instrument.
  • Head Design: Features a classic Ruyi motif, symbolizing good fortune and longevity.


  • Size: 28" (length) x 12" (width) x 5" (depth)

This Liuqin is not only a musical instrument but also a work of art, reflecting the heritage and expertise of Shanghai Dunhuang Musical Instrument company. Ideal for concert performances, it delivers a refined and expressive sound that meets the high standards of professional musicians.

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