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Dunhuang Yueqin Model #636 - Moon Lute

Dunhuang Yueqin Model #636 - Moon Lute

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Professional Chinese Moon Lute by Dunhuang Musical Instrument - Model #636

Introducing the Professional Chinese Moon Lute, Model #636, meticulously crafted by Dunhuang Musical Instrument, renowned for their exceptional quality and craftsmanship. This moon lute, also known as "yueqin," is designed for professional musicians who seek an instrument with superior sound and elegant aesthetics.


  • Soundboard: Made from high-quality paulownia wood, known for its excellent resonance and lightweight properties.
  • Body: Constructed from durable hardwood, providing a robust and resonant tone.
  • Pegs: Crafted from rosewood, ensuring precise and stable tuning.
  • Fingerboard: Made of hardwood, offering a smooth and comfortable playing experience.

The Dunhuang Moon Lute Model #636 combines traditional craftsmanship with premium materials to deliver a rich, expressive sound. Ideal for professional performances, this moon lute meets the high standards required by advanced musicians, making it an essential addition to any serious player's collection.

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