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Elite Aged Chinese Fir Guqin - Ku Mu Long Yin Style

Elite Aged Chinese Fir Guqin - Ku Mu Long Yin Style

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Elite Aged Chinese Fir Guqin - Ku Mu Long Yin Style 枯木龙吟极品老杉木古琴


  • Full Size: 48 inches, Elite Quality
  • Hand-Made by Master Han Tiansheng
  • Ku Mu Long Yin Style
  • Aged Chinese Fir Body
  • Includes Protective Soft Carrying Bag & Hard Case

This extraordinary guqin is a new hand-crafted masterpiece by the esteemed Yangzhou maker Han Tiansheng, complete with his signature on the back. As an elite-grade instrument in the prestigious Ku Mu Long Yin style, it embodies the pinnacle of craftsmanship and musical excellence. The guqin is made from aged Chinese fir wood and features multiple layers of traditional lacquer, expertly applied using deer horn powder. Each layer is naturally air-dried, resulting in a rich, resonant, and durable finish.

Tuning and Sound:

  • Key: Tuned in F key pentatonic scale
  • String Tuning: C D F G A C D (from the 1st string to the 7th string)
  • Sound Quality: Produces exceptionally deep, rich, and resonant tones, ideal for professional performances and the most discerning musicians.

Additional Information:

  • Unique Finish: Due to the traditional lacquering process, each guqin features unique color and pattern variations. The instrument you receive may differ slightly from the pictures, adding to its individuality and charm.
  • Included Accessories: Comes with a soft carrying bag and a hard case for optimal protection and convenient transport.

This elite-quality Ku Mu Long Yin style guqin is the epitome of musical artistry, perfect for professional musicians and collectors seeking an instrument of unparalleled quality and beauty. Its superior craftsmanship and exquisite sound make it a valuable addition to any performance or collection.

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