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广陵绝响 - 古琴 / 龚一

"Guangling Melody" - Gong Yi

"Guangling Melody" - Gong Yi

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"'Guangling Melody" - Guqin music by Gong Yi

廣陵絶響 - 古琴 / 龔一

- At a very old church in California. the sublime color of the guqin performed by Gong Yi and the professional recording skills of Kavichandran Alexander unfold a kingdom of imagination where the touching melody of guqin floats in the air.

1. 流水 Flowing Water

2. 醉漁唱晚 Evening Song of the Drunken Fisherman

3. 廣陵散 Guangling Melody

4. 山居吟 Singing in the Mountain Life

5. 長門怨 Grievance of Changmen

6. 酒狂 Drunk Song

7. 陽關三疊 Parting at Yang Guan

8. 瀟湘水雲 Misty Rivers of Xiao Xiang

9. 大胡笳 Hujia, the Major

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