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Kkwaenggwari - Korean traditional Small Hand Gong

Kkwaenggwari - Korean traditional Small Hand Gong

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The kkwaenggwari is a small flat gong used primarily in folk music of Korea. It is made of brass and is played with a hard stick. It produces a distinctively high-pitched, metallic tone that breaks into a cymbal-like crashing timbre when struck forcefully. It is particularly important in samul nori and pungmul, although it is also used in other genres. The instrument's name is probably onomatopoetic for the sound the instrument produces, "kkwaeng-kkwaeng" (hangul: 꽹꽹).[1] An alternate name is swe (쇠).

This kkwaenggwari is 22cm in diameter. It comes with a drum stick and a carrying case.

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