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Professional Aged Paulownia Guqin

Professional Aged Paulownia Guqin

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7-Stringed Professional Paulownia Guqin

Professional Quality in Zhong Ni Style or Fu Xi Style

  • Full Size: 48 inches
  • Hand-Made by Yangzhou Master
  • Soft Carrying Case Included

This exquisite instrument is handcrafted by a renowned maker from Yangzhou. It is available in both the classic Zhong Ni and Fu Xi styles. The guqin is constructed from aged Chinese fir wood and features multiple layers of traditional lacquer, meticulously applied using deer horn powder. Each layer of lacquer undergoes a natural air-drying process, ensuring a rich and durable finish.

Key Features:

  • Professional Size: 48 inches in length, offering an authentic playing experience.
  • Materials: Made from aged paulownia wood, renowned for its acoustic properties.
  • Lacquer: Coated with traditional lacquer using deer horn powder, with each layer naturally air-dried, creating a unique and resilient surface.
  • Tuning: Tuned in the key of F, ready for immediate play.

Included Accessories:

  • Soft Carrying Case: Protects the guqin during transport and storage.

Due to the traditional lacquering method, the color and patterns of each guqin are unique. The instrument you receive may vary slightly in color and patterns from the images shown, adding to its individuality and charm.

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