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Professional Dunhuang Erhu Bow

Professional Dunhuang Erhu Bow

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Professional Dunhuang Erhu Bow

This professional quality erhu bow is meticulously crafted by the esteemed Shanghai Dunhuang Factory, known for producing top-tier musical instruments and accessories. Constructed with high-quality bamboo and white horse hair, this bow is designed for serious musicians seeking superior performance.


  • Material: High-quality bamboo and white horse hair
  • Rod: Flexible rod with a single joint for enhanced control and responsiveness
  • Length: 32.5 inches
  • Horse Hair: Extra thickness, providing robust and resonant sound

With its superior craftsmanship and materials, the Dunhuang erhu bow offers excellent balance, flexibility, and durability. Ideal for both professional performances and advanced practice, this bow will significantly enhance your erhu playing experience.

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