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Professional Guzheng String Type B Set #1-21 Daishi Brand

Professional Guzheng String Type B Set #1-21 Daishi Brand

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Professional Guzheng String Set #1-21 Type B - Daishi Brand

Elevate your guzheng's sound with the Professional Guzheng String Set from Daishi Brand, Type B. These strings are designed for musicians seeking smooth playability and pure, clean tones.

Key Features:

  • Smooth Playability: The strings are very smooth, providing an effortless playing experience.
  • Pure and Clean Sound: Crafted to produce a pure and clean sound, ideal for professional performances.
  • Color-Coded Strings: Strings #3, #8, #13, and #18 are in red color, making it easier to identify and tune.
  • Recommended Use: Highly recommended for Scarlet Bird and Dongyun brand guzhengs, ensuring optimal performance.
  • Complete Set: Includes strings #1-21, providing a full set for your guzheng.


  • Brand: Daishi
  • Type: Type B
  • Set Includes: Strings #1-21 (with #3, #8, #13, #18 in red)

Upgrade your guzheng with the Daishi Brand Type B Professional Guzheng String Set, offering smooth playability and a pure, clean sound, perfect for enhancing your musical performance.

戴氏專業古箏琴弦B弦 -琴弦質地光滑,音色純淨,第3、8、13、18弦為紅色,適合朱雀、東韻等西安箏使用。

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