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Tsugaru Karin Shamisen

Tsugaru Karin Shamisen

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Tsugaru Style Shamisen Set by Mishimaya

Immerse yourself in the rich tradition and superb craftsmanship of the Tsugaru style shamisen with this exceptional set, crafted by the esteemed Japanese maker Mishimaya. This shamisen features a body made from karin (quince wood), celebrated for its superior tonal qualities and resilience. The animal skin used for this instrument provides an authentic sound and feel, enhancing your playing experience.

Set Includes:

  • Plectrum: Essential for achieving the unique sound of the shamisen.
  • Anti-slip Rubber: Ensures stability and prevents slipping during performance.
  • Bridge: Crafted from bamboo, it enhances the instrument's acoustic properties.
  • Finger Slider: Facilitates smooth and precise finger movements along the neck.
  • Spare String Set: Includes both silk and nylon strings, ensuring you're always ready to play.
  • Silk Soft Case: Offers elegant protection and convenient transport, keeping your shamisen in pristine condition.


  • Body: Quince
  • Skin: Animal
  • Pegs: Ebony
  • Strings: Silk & Nylon
  • Bridge: Bamboo

Elevate your musical journey with the authentic and resonant tones of the Tsugaru style shamisen by Mishimaya, a testament to timeless Japanese artistry.

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