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青松 - 古琴 / 赵家珍 柳琴 / 张强

"Waves of Pine" - Guqin & Liuqin

"Waves of Pine" - Guqin & Liuqin

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"Waves of Pine" - Guqin & Liuqin by Zhang Jiazhen and Zhang Qiang

青松 - 古琴 / 趙家珍 柳琴 / 張強

- an unconventional new age fusion, an excellent team of Chinese musicians, and a beautiful inspiration of pines create this album of elegant surprise. Traditional instruments such as ancient guqin (Chinese long zither), liuqin (plucked-string), Chinese flute and xuan(ceramic-made), inspired by the enchanting lines and waves of pines, interweave and bring to you a new vogue of Eastern naturalistic joy. When you listen to these waves of pines, what surge within you are peace, blessed feeling and relaxing intoxication.

1. 松樂香 Tea under a Pine

2. 青松 Waves of Pine

3. 走在雲深不知處 In Deep Clouds

4. 松竹多情 Friends of Winter

5. 清風舞松濤 The Dance between Wind and Pines

6. 託夢的老黑松 In and out of a Dream

7. 蒼松 Ghostly Shadows

8. 松風 A Pine upon a Mirror

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