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Zhonghu Silk String Set by Marusan Hashimoto

Zhonghu Silk String Set by Marusan Hashimoto

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Zhonghu Silk String Set by Marusan Hashimoto

Elevate your zhonghu’s sound with this premium silk string set made by Marusan Hashimoto, the leading company in strings for traditional instruments. Known for their dedication to traditional craftsmanship, Marusan Hashimoto produces these strings through meticulous processes to ensure the highest quality.


  • Traditional Craftsmanship: Marusan Hashimoto follows age-old techniques, involving 12 detailed processes to transform raw silk threads into exquisite strings.
  • Manual Production: The majority of the production steps are performed manually, ensuring exceptional care and precision.
  • Delicate Material: The silk threads are handled with great care throughout the process to preserve their quality and enhance the strings' tonal properties.

The result is a set of strings that produce a rich, warm, and resonant tone, reflecting the time and effort invested in their creation. Ideal for musicians seeking superior sound quality for their zhonghu.

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